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An incubator for social enterprises in greater China

Are you an entrepreneur with a business that works to address social or environmental problems in China? Apply to become an ECSEL fellow. You can also share your project with fellow social entrepreneurs, investors, and community members through ECSEL's national social enterprise directory.

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Welcome to ECSEL

ECSEL is a fully-subsidized incubation program for entrepreneurs looking to build or expand a social business in greater China.

Through the course of our year-long, part-time program, participants receive two international training trips (one in the United States, one in mainland China), customized mentorship, and investment opportunities. After graduating from ECSEL, our incubation "fellows" enter an active alumni network, and continue to benefit from ECSEL’s professional support and consulting. Learn more about our program here.

The 2012 ECSEL first-round application deadline is January 15, 2012.

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